Trademarks Hit the Target

A recent media article outlines the absolute power of trademark registration in Canada (and a really good reason why you should get one!).  See here for the story.

Target Corp. (the US department store) bought the rights to enter into the Canadian market a few years ago, ousting several Zellers stores.  However, it had one final hurdle to overcome – Target Apparel, operated by the same owners as Fairweather clothing stores, and owner of the TARGET trademark in Canada.  Target Corp. attempted to register its own trademark in Canada, but lost its court battle against the Canadian clothing stores.  As a result, it was forced to buy out Target Apparel.  Target Apparel accepted a settlement offered by Target Corp. and will close down its own stores by January 31, 2013 to allow the entry of Target Corp. into Canada.  The owner of Target Apparel will likely retire on a beach somewhere.

If that’s not a solid reason to trademark your business I don’t know what is.  Contact me for information.



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